Man who lost home in fire returns to find 100 animals dead, searching for surviving dogs

FRESNO, Calif. -- If animals could tell stories, David Arnwine's would describe a hellish escape through embers and ashes--animals scrambling from hillside to hillside, for a chance to survive.

"The horses and moo was just running, they didn't know what to do, they were just running, they didn't even know where they were running," said Arnwine.

It was a torturous scene for Arnwine to watch.

"Here up in the flat part is where my house was."

By the time he rushed home, the roads were already blocked. His property was on fire, his animals, including a Saint Bernard, were locked inside.

"She was in the house, I couldn't get up here, I couldn't get to her but-- I don't know," said Arnwine.

Neighbors managed to cut open some of his cages but not everyone had time to run.

"It's just unbelievable, unbelievable you go to work and come home to absolutely nothing."

He lost more than 100 animals that night. The little sanctuary, once the envy of a neighborhood--now stands as a gravesite.

"I need to get some help to bury these because I can't do it, I can't do it," said Arnwine.

For the survivors, there is not much time to dwell on the pain, as they limped through the rubble Thursday in searching for scraps.

"I have a deep faith and I'm going to rely on that faith to get me through this start over, I don't know if I have the energy right now but I have to give it all I can."

He could not be there for his animals during the fire but he plans to recover from the devastation with them together.
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