Manny the Frenchie joins Windy City LIVE

CHICAGO -- Manny the Frenchie has a combined total of 2.5 million social media followers. That's more than our own ABC 7 news pages - and he's only a dog! Manny and his Dog Mom, Amber Chavez, stopped by to tell Windy City LIVE how he became Chicago's most famous social media dog.

Manny the Frenchie has over 966,000 Instagram followers and over 1.5 million Facebook friends. In Chicago, Chance the Rapper is the most followed and Manny is the second.

He has his own merchandise that includes a calendar, tote bags, decorative pillows and clothing that even Derrick Rose's son PJ wears. He has met several celebs, including Snoop Dogg, and attends events, like Lollapalooza. Manny tours the U.S. to raise money for charities including the Special Olympics, UNICEF and the American Cancer Society.

He is one of five dogs owned by Amber Chavez and her boyfriend. After being adopted, the owners created an Instagram for Manny and began posting photos. Manny organically grew a large following and emails to meet Manny became overwhelming. So Amber quit her job to manage Manny full time. He has sponsorships and endorsements, but also raises money for charities.

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