State Rep. Ives throws support behind aldermanic candidate David Krupa

CHICAGO (WLS) -- State Representative Jeanne Ives has given her support to the DePaul student who is challenging Marty Quinn for the 13th Ward Alderman's office.

Quinn had previously challenged the candidacy of David Krupa, 19. Quinn's campaign is accused of filing 2,600 fraudulent affidavits in an attempt to remove Krupa from the ballot.

On Tuesday, Ives sent an email to her supporters around the state to encourage them to help Krupa get elected.

Krupa said Ives' email led to an uptick in financial support.

Ives has also joined Krupa in calling for state and local investigations into the allegations against Quinn.

Krupa, a freshman making his first foray into politics, is the lone challenger to Ald. Marty Quinn. In an email on Saturday, James P. Allen, spokesman for the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners said a scheduled hearing into the matter was canceled.

To run for alderman, 473 petition signatures are required. Krupa collected 1,703 signatures, but said before he even turned them in that Quinn supporters turned in affidavits from 2,796 people who said they wanted to revoke their signatures for Krupa.

During an election board hearing last Monday, Krupa and his attorney said only 187 of the people who signed a revocation affidavit actually signed his nominating petitions, meaning 2,600 were fraudulent.

"I think they're intimidated by someone who hasn't backed down to them. Their whole game is do anything possible to make the person intimidated enough to back away either by their support or bully them out," Krupa said Saturday.
He also addressed an old order of protection against him from a previous relationship. Krupa said allegations made in the order were false and filed by the girl's family and the order has been vacated.

Krupa believes the order resurfacing was an attempt to mislead voters away from his campaign efforts.

Quinn's campaign did not comment as of Saturday night.
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