5 injured after truck crashes into Starbucks in northwest suburban McHenry, police say

MCHENRY, Ill. (WLS) -- Five people were injured after a pickup truck crashed into a Starbucks in northwest suburban McHenry Thursday, according to police.

Police said one person remains in critical condition after the crash in the 4300 block of West Elm Street just before 5 p.m.

McHenry police said a Dodge Ram was traveling westbound on West Elm Street when the pickup truck ran off the road, struck another vehicle and crashed into the Starbucks.

In all, four people were transported to the hospital for injuries, but emergency officials said it was the driver pinned inside and a female barista pinned underneath the vehicle that were the most seriously injured. The truck landed exactly where the coffee counter used to be.

Fire and rescue crews were able to remove the person from under the truck.

Emergency officials haven't disclosed whether it was an intentional or accidental act, possibly caused by some sort of medical emergency.

"The driver just slammed into the building," said witness Brandon Chapels. "It was like an instant boom."

Caryn Peppler, who also witnessed the crash, said it seemed like the driver lost control.

"His windshield seemed to be already cracked, something before it happened. But it was very quick," Peppler said. "Flew up on the curb. The tire seemed to go over the white SUV and just slammed into the corner of the building. It was almost like a puff of debris from bricks and things like that."

The local fire department said that one of the four people hospitalized remains in critical condition and had to be airlifted to another hospital.

The three others are in what's being described as fair condition.

The McHenry Police Department's Major Crash Assistance Team is investigating the incident. The team is comprised of officers from the McHenry Police Department, Johnsburg Police Department, Spring Grove Police Department and Woodstock Police Department.

McHenry police said they're not identifying the driver or victims at this time.

Witnesses told ABC 7 that the Starbucks is a popular spot for students to go and study.

The vehicle hasn't been removed from the building because authorities are concerned that the entire building could collapse.
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