Shaq, Stephen Curry and more NBA greats read mean tweets about themselves

There's no doubt that NBA greats like Magic Johnson, Steph Curry and Shaq have heard their share of trash talk. But these mean tweets take it to a whole new level of creativity.

In honor of the NBA Finals beginning Thursday night, players past and present appeared in "Mean Tweets" for Jimmy Kimmel Live. They managed to keep a straight face while reading some of the most inventive insults Twitter users could come up with, like, "One day, Klay Thompson's going to leave the house without remembering to attach his goatee that he bought from Party City and it'll be awkward."

Some of the players even embraced the jokes. After reading "Pretty sure Reggie Miller's ears provide WiFi," his eyes got wide as he looked at his phone and exclaimed, "Oh my god, they do!"

This is hardly the first time Kimmel has wrangled up ball players and asked them to read the rude things people say about them on Twitter. Here are the other times the popular segment has been NBA-themed.

NBA Mean Tweets #1
NBA Mean Tweets #2
NBA Mean Tweets #3

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