How many students at your child's school are not vaccinated?

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Recent outbreaks of the measles have spurned a new debate on whether all children should be vaccinated. In Illinois, the state board of education lists the number of students who have not been immunized- for measles and other diseases- at each school.

Dr. Scott Goldstein will not see children at his practice if they have not gotten all their vaccinations, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and CDC.

"We are saying if you want to come here and you are now willing to do that after having a discussion and having your questions answered, then this probably isn't the best place to have your kids taken care of," Dr. Goldstein said.

The pediatrician gave twin 1-year-olds Penny and Ellie their first doses of the recommended immunization on Tuesday. They'll get a second dose before they start kindergarten.

"They are ready, at the right age to have it done. So we want to make sure they get it right away," parent Baker Thompson said.

"Vaccines work best when the most number of people get them. So no vaccine is 100-percent effective, but the more kids who get vaccinated the more effective they are going to be," Dr. Goldstein said.

Recent outbreaks of measles can be linked to parents not vaccinating their children, according to the health officials. In Illinois, a state data base lists vaccination numbers at each school.

"We get a lot of questions from parents about how they should treat their kids, sending them to places with unimmunized kids. It's kind of nice for parents to know if 98-percent of the kids are vaccinated or 50-percent," Dr. Goldstein said.

In Illinois in 2014, 97.6-percent of all school-aged children enrolled in public and private schools were vaccinated, according to the database, and more than 44,000 children were not. Another 11,000 had not had health examinations.

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