Witnesses who tried to save driver return to lay flowers at triple-fatal crash site

CARSON, Calif. -- Three people were killed in an early morning two-vehicle collision in Carson, Calif., Sunday, authorities said.

The crash took place near the intersection of Del Amo Boulevard and South Avalon Boulevard. Police received a call about the crash around 2:24 a.m.

Two people in one of the vehicles were pronounced dead at the scene. A third person from the second vehicle was transported to a hospital, where the victim later died.

Two brothers who witnessed the crash returned to the scene hours later. They left flowers in memory of the three people who died.

"It was scary. I mean if you see the way it happened," one brother said.

The witnesses said a silver Toyota pulled out of a McDonald's parking lot and then turned right on Del Amo. As it reached the intersection, it was T-boned by a black Honda that was heading southbound on Avalon.

"The car caught on fire. That's when we reacted and me and my brother just looked at each other and said there's no way they're going to survive that," one brother said.

The pair ran to the vehicles and tapped on the window to try and help the victims, but said they didn't get a response.

The man in the black Honda was conscious at first when they pulled him out of the car.

The two men said the driver of the Honda appeared to be speeding. They also said they are having a hard time coping and offered their condolences to the families involved.

The investigation was ongoing.
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