Boy, 15, still hospitalized after being shot 4 times

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The family of 15-year-old Michael Moss is praying for a miracle, as he remains hospitalized after surviving a gunman's attack where he was shot four times in the city's Back of the Yards neighborhood.

On Dec. 19, Moss - who lives, along with his three siblings, in DuPage County with their legal guardian for the last three years - was visiting relatives in Chicago when he decided to walk to a nearby fast food restaurant. He said a gunman in a car opened fire on him as he walked down the street.

"He walked to the McDonald's, which is at 47th and Bishop, and he got shot down at 48th and Bishop," said Janis Pass, Moss' grandmother.

He was hit four times and suffered severe damage to his abdominal area. Paramedics rushed him to the University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital, where he remains 10 days later in the Intensive Care Unit.

"He's scared. He's very scared. He said every day, 'I want to come home,'" said Brenda Herron, his legal guardian.

Moss is an honor student at Glenbard East High School and a basketball player, his relatives said. Family and friends said he is another example of how crucial it is to work to quell the violence surging in Chicago.

"White people should be upset. Latinos should be upset. Everybody should be upset. It's not a black isolated problem," said Gregory Sang, New Black Leadership.

Because of the extent of his injuries, friends have started a GoFundMe page for Moss and his legal guardian, who's had to take a leave from her job so she can continue to be by his side.

"Traveling back and forth from DuPage and Chicago is a lot of money, parking and everything. So we definitely need some help," said Blair Gray, family friend.

His family said Moss' road to recovery will be long and hard.

"Continue to pray for him. He wants to come home," said Herron.

Moss' family said he is talking more as of Thursday afternoon but is still emotional about the attack. An investigation by Chicago police is ongoing. No one is in custody, and no arrests have been made.
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