Zillow Illinois home for sale uses Michael Myers from 'Halloween' movies to spark interest

CARLINVILLE, Ill. -- An Illinois couple came up with a killer idea to generate extra interest in their house.

When Danielle and Owen Sullivan put their Carlinville home on the market, they enlisted the help of fictional murderer Michael Myers from the "Halloween" movies.

The Zillow listing for their house features various pictures of Myers in the home.

He's seen sitting on the toilet, washing his hands at the sink and standing in the shower, among many other shots.

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Inside the costume is the Sullivans' 16-year-old son.

The photos went viral on social media, and the Zillow listing had gotten more than 369,000 views as of Thursday night.

The Sullivans are asking $169,000 for the home, which has been on Zillow for 17 days.

They've gotten lots of calls, but no buyers yet.