22 charged in alleged child sex sting in Michigan

DETROIT, Mich. -- Nearly two dozen suspects face charges in a child sex sting operation in Michigan.

So far, 66 felony charges have been filed, and if convicted, the suspects collectively could face more than a thousand years in prison, reported WXYZ.

The operation was conducted by a newly formed sheriff's task force called "Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team," also known as "G.H.O.S.T."

"What does a pedophile look like? You know. What does a bank robber look like," said Genesee County Sheriff Robert J. Pickell. "Yeah, he's someone's neighbor. He lives in the Flint area. You know a very prominent guy, a financial adviser, you know, manager of a credit, I'm sorry, manager of a restaurant, manager of another restaurant, brought the serrated knife, guy that ran for the United States Senate on the sex offender's list. This guy and this guy, wanted to have sex with a boy, a young boy. Yeah. The... all sizes, shapes, colors, creeds."

The undercover stings took place at hotels in the area from April 11th through May 15th.

Sheriff Pickell released details on the suspects Monday.

"They've been charged with child sexually abusive of activity. That's a 20 year felony. Children accosting for amoral purposes. Another 20 year. Computer internet, communicating with another to commit a crime. And the maximum imprisonment is 20 years on that," Sheriff Pickell said.

All but one of the suspects has been arraigned.

Authorities are still looking for that suspect.