Missing dog from Arizona found 1,800 miles away in Wisconsin

HOWARD, AZ -- A small Yorkshire terrier took the trip of a lifetime. He made it from Tucson, Arizona all the way to Howard, Wisconsin all on his own, WLUK-TV reports.

Linda Baldazo thought a bird may have picked up her dog, Nicholas, when he sneaked out through an unlocked gate at her home. She searched for the dog for two months, but she couldn't find him.

Eventually, a woman 1,800 miles away found Nicholas wandering along a street. She called animal control.

"When I got there, (there was a) cute little Yorkie dog just cute as a button and friendly. The first thing I do is I take my microchip reader and check because he didn't have any collar or tags on him," said Animal Control Officer Monica Hoff.

Nicholas' rescuers discovered through his microchip records that his owner lived in Tucson, Arizona. Baldazo couldn't believe they had found her dog so many miles away.

"It's amazing that he's over there," Baldazo told KGUN-TV. "If only he could tell us the story of how he got there...I would love to hear if only he could talk."

A veterinarian said it's too cold to put little Nicholas in the cargo area of a plane bound for Tucson, so Baldazo has decided to make her way up to Wisconsin to get Nicholas and bring him home.

The Bay Area Humane Society says if it wasn't for Nicholas' microchip, he may might have never made it back home to his owner.
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