The Granny Who Stole Christmas: Elderly package thief caught on cam

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. -- One victim is calling the figure on his surveillance camera "the granny who stole Christmas."

Shawn McGuire, of the St. Louis County Police Department, said, "You just think, two-day shipping, I'll pick it up when we get home from work that night. This time of year is really known for this type of stuff. Criminals know that packages are being delivered to people's houses for Christmas."

You may expect all those packages to draw criminals, but maybe not like the one seen in the surveillance video above.

The victim told KTVI, "The video shows an elderly woman, almost looks like someone's grandma. She just bends down grabs them like they're hers and walks away."

The victim who asked that we not use him name had three packages stolen from his front porch in Oakville last Wednesday afternoon, just before 5pm.

His home surveillance camera caught what he and his wife missed the same black, H3 Hummer passing their driveway four times in less than five minutes.

Two minutes after the Hummers last pass, the thief walked up to the porch and took the packages.

McGuire said, "If you see any suspicious vehicles following a UPS truck or FEDEX truck or you see a car, non-stop circling around a certain neighborhood or a street, going back and forth at a slow rate of speed like they're checking out a house, please get that license plate and call us immediately."

The victim, who asked to not be identified, said, "No one would expect an elderly (person), whether or not it's a disguise, it sure looks like it's just an elderly woman to me. I would love for people to know and be aware this does happen. You see it on the news and you don't think it's going to happen to you. I'm just thankful we were able to have cameras and get some evidence for the police."

Police suggest having packages dropped at your back door or arrange to pick up them up.