Mom buys coffee for women who insulted her in line

FORT GRATIOT, Mich. (WLS) -- A mother in Michigan said she felt like crying when she heard two other women making fun of her looks. Instead, she did something no one was expecting.

Dianne Hoffmeyer was in line at a coffee shop with her toddler. She heard two women behind her saying she looked like "a whale."

She said the comment hurt because she recently dropped more than 150 pounds.

Rather than turn around and say something, Dianne decided she wanted to set an example for her child.

"I told my cashier, 'I'll pay for their coffee.' She's like, 'What?' I said 'Yeah, I'll pay for their coffee,'" Hoffmeyer said. "I paid for it and I picked up what I had and I turned around and I walked out."

Dianne posted her story on Facebook. Now she's getting kind words of support from around the world.

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