Mom races home as daughter is killed in murder-suicide

SPRING, Texas -- A family is in mourning today after an apparent murder-suicide.

It happened on Tatton Crest Court near Spring Tuesday night.

Neighbors tell us the family that lives in the home recently took in a relative who was having trouble in his life.

He was living there for about a month before those troubles ended with an apparent murder-suicide.

The woman who lives at the home told investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Office she got a call from her daughter saying something was wrong with her cousin who was staying at their house.

She immediately left work and started driving home when the daughter called again to say she was growing increasingly worried about her cousin's behavior.

A neighbor says he heard three gun shots just as the mother arrived home.
"I really didn't believe it. It is usually a quiet neighborhood," said Ghazanfar Sadiq.

Neighbors say a young man in his 20s was holding his cousin at gunpoint.

The shooting happened just moments after the mother opened the front door.

"She heard some bible verses, the guy reciting some bible verses, right before that and that is when she heard the gun shots and she ran this way," said Sadiq.

Investigators say the cousin and his victim are both in their 20s. They believe the cousin may have been suffering from depression.
Detectives say the young woman who died made two desperate calls to her mother before the shooting happened, but the mother arrived too late to stop the violence.

The names of those involved have not been released.
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