Mom stunned by sexually explicit texts sent to 10-year-old daughter

PEARLAND, Texas -- A Pearland, Texas, mom has a warning for parents after she says she found texts from a grown man on her 10-year-old daughter's phone.

"It was frightening and quite unbelievable that this was happening to my daughter, that he had reached my daughter," she said.

The woman, who is not being named, said it all started with a call.

"(He) called her and left a voicemail," she said. "Then he texted her, and led her to believe that she had called him, which never took place," she said.

Then came more text messages.

"It was pretty nonchalant, like, 'How are you doing? How was your day?' The messages were very generic."

But those messages soon became sexually explicit, she said. The man even convinced the little girl to send a picture.

Her mother went to Pearland police and gave them her daughter's cell phone.

Detectives on the case say it was 32-year-old Ceasar Sanchez who was texting the girl.

"And on some level she knew it was wrong, because she asked him how old he was. He told her he was 27, which we now know he's older than that, and she told him, 'Hey, look, I'm a kid,' and then she again told him that I'm 10 years old, so heads up."

Sanchez was picked up Tuesday and taken to jail, charged with online solicitation of a minor.

While police try to figure out exactly how he got the girl's phone number in the first place, the mom fears there may be other victims out there.

She wants parents watching this story to take this advice.

"You have to check your children's phone, no matter how old they are," she said. "I know you hear it over and over again thinking it can't happen to you. ... I'm so thankful that we did check her phone because like police said, he was grooming her."

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