Hundreds treated to free Mother's Day makeovers

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Thanks to an army of volunteers and more than a dozen organizations, hundreds of Chicago and Milwaukee area moms will receive total Mother's Day makeovers for free this week.

"Hair, makeup, brand new looks, eyebrows, photo shoots, just for being mom," said Daisie Foundation board member Julie Hightower at the Chicago event, taking place inside the downtown Swissotel.

The women treated to this special celebration are being thanked not just for nuturing their children, but also for overcoming added adversity: fighting cancer, raising kids alone, raising families in military households, and facing homelessness.

"With chemotherapy and all this treatment you don't get to feel pretty. You don't get to look pretty. So this day you cancel all doctors appoitnments and you just feel pretty," said Momma Hawk, a terminally ill cancer patient who looks forward to this event each year "because it forces me not to lay in the bed when I don't feel good. It gives me the strength. I feel like when I come here I'm (going to) get this boost of energy so I can be excited about what I'm going to look like."

"Cancer's really hard on the body," added Cheri Mills who is also fighting cancer.

"Underneath the clothes a lot of times there's a lot of damage. It's kind of just fun to step out and do something nice for a day," Mills said.
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