Chicago movie theater rents out screens during COVID-19 pandemic

This Chicago movie theater is back - sort of.

The New 400 Theater in Rogers Park is renting its screens during this stage of the coronavirus pandemic.

"It took off like Gangbusters," General Manager Scott Holtz said. "We did a Facebook post and had 108 requests in two days. About 70% of those actually booked."

Three of the theater's four screens are open for reservations. People can watch movies, play video games and even host events.

"You bring your own DVD, Blu-ray or log into one of my computers and we'll stream it for you. You get the theater for three hours, with the concession stand open," Holtz said.

No room will hold more than 25 to 30 people and may change based on state gathering requirements.

"The only other time this theater was closed in 1918 for the Spanish Pandemic. Here we are in 2020, a little over 100 years, closed again," Holtz said. "We will come back."