Hampshire pet owners warned of nails found in dog 'treats'

HAMPSHIRE, Ill. (WLS) -- Police in far northwest suburban Hampshire are investigating a puzzling case of animal cruelty.

A Heart for Animals, Inc., a no-kill dog and cat rescue based in nearby Huntley, posted an alert on its Facebook page Saturday night.

The post said a Hampshire resident found nails folded into peanut butter and wrapped in lunch meat. The clumps of food were believed to be intended for dogs.

That resident said a neighbor's dog picked one up, but the neighbor quickly removed it from their pet's mouth and discovered the nail in the middle.

A day later, another neighbor spotted a similar treat in the grass a block away.

"It's just sick, it rates right there with Halloween putting razor blades in kids' candy," said Scott Woodville, a dog owner.

"I am just furious. With me being in rescue and seeing all these helpless dogs that are killed daily and these people are deliberately trying to do this," said Barbie Maginity.

The treats were left in a neighborhood where many people have dogs.

"It is not right," said Ashley Cota, a dog owner. "If you have a problem tell us. Some people are thinking they are doing it because dogs are going potty on their yards and they don't like that."

Pet owners in the area should keep an eye out for the "treats" to protect their animals, especially at night.

"I have a flashlight with me when I walk him and I try not to let him go too far into the grass without checking it, making sure there's nothing weird over there," said Gina Lee, a dog owner.

Local police are still investigating.
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