Investigators test gummy bears that sickened 14 Naperville students

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- Parents of nearly a dozen Naperville North High School students want to know what was inside some gummy bears that sent their children to the hospital Tuesday.

Police were questioning a 17-year-old boy in this case, but they released him as they continue to investigate.

A lab is testing exactly what was in the candy that sent 14 students to the emergency room late Tuesday morning.

The Chicago Tribune reports a doctor who coordinated the treatment of the 14 students came to the conclusion that the candy was laced with marijuana or marijuana oil after observing the students' behavior.

School officials said the students felt uncomfortable after ingesting gummy bears laced with an unknown substance. Some of their symptoms included fast heart rates, dizziness and dry mouth.

"In talking to some of affected individuals, they believed these gummy bears to be laced with something like a liquid marijuana-based substance. We have not confirmed that. This is simply what we are being told by some of the patients," Commander Jason Arres, Naperville Police Department.

"It's difficult to make judgement about what's actually going on when there's so many different rumors, but it's scary to see all the kids going to the hospital," said Lily, a student at Naperville North.

It's still unclear if the students knew what was in the candy when they ate it. Police are still investigating how and when the gummy bears were distributed.

Naperville Community Unit School District 203 encouraged parents to talk to their kids about making healthy choices. They will also have social workers at Naperville North Wednesday to reinforce that message.
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