National Mascot Hall of Fame to offer kid-friendly, sports-themed fun in Whiting, Ind.

WHITING, Ind. (WLS) -- After five years of planning and building, the National Mascot Hall of Fame is ready to open its doors in Whiting, Indiana.

A group of kids got a sneak peek at the fun Thursday.

"We took a sports fanatic and mascot theme and rolled it into a children's museum," said Whiting Mayor Joe Stahura.

From floating mascot heads to the official Wall of Fame, the 25,000 square foot, multi-million dollar facility is completely hands-on.

"There's something here for every kid, adults, pushing buttons, doing levers," said Hall of Fame Executive Director Orestes Hernandez.

Original Phillie Phanatic and Hall of Fame creator David Raymond said the whole project grew out of what seemed like a silly idea.

"To go from that silly idea five years ago to make a splash... to this place today is what's amazing about the whole project," Raymond said.

The Macot Hall of Fame officially opens to the public on December 26. Grand opening celebrations will be held in April.

If you'd like to nominate your own high school, college or professional mascots for inclusion in the Hall of Fame, you can complete the nomination process at
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