Hot toys for the summer

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Keeping kids entertained at home or at the beach over the summer can be harder to do halfway through the season.

Isabel Carrion with the Toy Association joined ABC News at 11 to share some new toys that are very affordable.

Do Re Mi Dolphins - TOMY Toomies | TOMY | 1+ | $19.99
Bath time will be fun time with the Do Re Mi Dolphins. Tap the dolphins on the head to hear different musical notes and make your own tunes. Match the colors of the dolphins to the floating rings. Play with them in a circle, in a line or separately.

Boom Bash | Toysmith | 5+ | $15.99
Kids will have tons of fun seeing how long they can volley a bashable, bouncy birdie using springy oversized paddles that make a 'boom' sound with each hit.

Break Away Ballz | Alex Brands | 5+ | $12

Break Away Ballz are ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside too! Each 5in. ball is made up of 8 coated foam puzzle pieces, when smashed reveal a 2in. foam bouncing ball surprise. Catch 'em, bounce 'em, break 'em! These tough characters can be broken and re-assembled over and over again. Characters includes Brain Rage, Zombiesaurus Rex and Homer King.

Tangle Nightball Soccer | Tangle | 8+ | $20
The more you throw, kick and bounce Tangle Matrix NightBalls, the brighter they light up! Our super bright Night sports balls light up upon both impact and movement. NightBalls are even water-resistant and float! Perfect for play indoors and out - both night and day! Now you can play soccer any time - on the street, in the park, even at the ocean. Our innovative Airless Matrix design makes these NightBalls easy to play with and do tricks.

Splash Out | Far Out Toys | 6+ | $14.99
Answer quickly or you Splash Out! Far Out Toys puts a new twist on the splashing fun of this all-time favorite. Players pick a category from the 20 water-resistant cards included and must give examples before turning the ball over as the timer ticks down to the big splash! The new version comes with a small balloon adaptor cup that contains the splash for indoor fun. There's also a special adaptor nozzle that makes it easy to pour in any kind of liquid - soda, slime, juice and more. The new set also comes with ten reusable Quick-Seal balloon clips to make it even easier to play.

Jumbo Beach Basket | Amloid | 2+ | $14.99
The cool, square design of the NextWave Jumbo Beach Baskets make them easier for kids to hold. Each basket even comes with a strap kids can use to carry their sand tools over their shoulder. Kids have three designs to choose from- a blue shark, a purple whale, and a pink flamingo. Each basket comes with 15 pieces that range from buckets, castle sculptors, a sand wheel, a plethora of shovels, and some fun, sea creature sculptors.

Battle Monster Dual Function Pressurized Water Blaster | Prime Time Toys | 6+ | $19.99
Getting the upper hand in competition has never been easier with this Dual Function Pressurized Water Blaster. The pressurized supermax water blaster action will send water soaring up to 38 feet! Dominate Battle Monster's two blast modes. Attach to standard garden hose for Constant Blasting. For Blasting on the go, detach garden hose and use Battle Monster's standard pressurized water blasting mode. Pump to build pressure and pull trigger for continuous stream. Each blast mode works with the adjustable spray nozzles.
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