U of C student president disciplined for protest will be allowed to graduate

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The University of Chicago student who faced possible expulsion for his role in a campus protest will be allowed to graduate Saturday.

Tyler Kissinger addressed supporters after a disciplinary meeting Friday. He remains the student body president and he will be allowed to graduate on time.

In May, Kissinger entered the campus administration building under the guise of official business while a minimum wage rally was going on outside. Once inside he propped open a door, allowing other students into the building so they could conduct a sit-in.

"At the end of the day, I did what I thought was right. I did that because I want student voices to be heard, I want faculty voices to be heard and I want staff voices to be heard," Kissinger said.

Despite his recent trouble, Kissinger called his four years at the University of Chicago "some of the most incredible" of his life.
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