2nd video possibly captures suspected 'Bucktown Creeper'

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A newly released video shows a man who may be the Bucktown Creeper. (WLS)

A burglary victim in the city's Bucktown neighborhood said that newly released surveillance video shows the intruder who was broke into his condo complex.

The video comes weeks after a hooded intruder - dubbed the Bucktown Creeper - was captured by surveillance video inside a different Bucktown home, undetected and watching a couple sleep on the couch for several minutes.

The big question: Does the new video also show the Bucktown Creeper?

Ryan Treftz, whose condo was broken into on July 19, said the new video shows the similarities between the two thieves.

"Similiar M.O.," Treftz said. "I mean, I was there and I was sleeping. He didn't come into my room, I don't think."

Treftz's video captures the intruder in his condo building's garage just minutes before he said the man broke into his apartment through an unlocked glass door.

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Surveillance video footage from a Bucktown condo's parking garage showing a suspected burglar.

After the burglary, Treftz said he woke up around 6:30 a.m. and noticed that his laptop and bag were missing from his living room.

"Kinda was shocked about that, but I figured maybe I just didn't bring it home or forgot where it was or something else," Treftz said. "But then I noticed that my sliding door was open, ajar."

He then checked his wallet. His cash, credit cards and transit card were also gone.

"The fact that I was there made me a little bit uneasier," he said. "Because I could have opened the door, and he could be standing there in my kitchen."

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Home surveillance video shows a man lurking in a Bucktown couple's home.

The hoodie-clad Bucktown Creeper is believed to be responsible for a rash of home burglaries over the past few weeks in the Bucktown neighborhood.

In the first case, police released a person of interest they had in custody, but it appears police have arrested another man. However, police won't say whether he is connected to the case.

Ronald Humphrey, 23, has been charged with felony theft for trying to use a stolen library card which detectives say was taken in an overnight burglary in the Bucktown neighborhood.

Police aren't saying much about their ongoing investigation and haven't indicated whether they believe more than one person is responsible for the rash of burglaries.

That's little comfort for Treftz, who is still a little nervous.

"I also sleep with a golf club under my bed now," Treftz said. "That's not going to do anything, but it makes me feel better."

Treftz has also installed a home security system.

Neighbors said they believe the Bucktown Creeper gains access by randomly checking for unlocked doors.
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