Marriott responds to daredevil stunt

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Marriott responded to a daredevil stunt performed Wednesday afternoon when two men were spotted hanging from the roof of a 46-story Michigan Ave hotel.

Photos taken around 2:45 p.m. Wednesday show a pair of men on the roof, one of whom dangled over the side while the other photographed the stunt.

Marriott spokesman Jeff Flaherty responded to the incident Thursday morning.

"We were first made aware of this stunt after it had taken place," Flaherty said. "Obviously, the people involved did not request permission from the hotel. At this time, it is unclear how they accessed the restricted area of the hotel, but we will be even more vigilant at securing the area in order to prevent another dangerous stunt like this in the future. We are grateful nobody was hurt."

PHOTOS: Daredevils spotted hanging from hotel roof
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