Natashia Holmes, Candidate for 7th Ward Alderman

Candidate Full Name: Natashia Holmes

Office: 7th Ward Alderman

Email Address:

Web Site:

Campaign Name: Friends of Natashia Holmes

Campaign Office Mailing Address: 2506 E. 79th Street, Chicago, IL 60649

Phone: 773-731-7736

Survey Questions (Character limit of 2,000 per response)

1. What is the most important issue that you will address in your ward?

My first priority is to make sure that residents of the 7th Ward continue to receive the highest quality in city services. I will also continue to fight to bring much needed economic development to the ward. I most definitely will continue to shut down businesses that are not being good corporate citizens and I will continue in my efforts to engage the community at all levels.

2. What are your plans for helping fight crime in your ward?

Improvement in public safety is on the shoulders of all Chicagoans. The police have the responsibility to enforce the law, fight crime, and get perpetrators off our streets; however residents also have a responsibility too - neighbors must be willing to stand-up collectively and not allow activities to take place on their block or in their community, which prevents our ability to attract the type of development and re-investment that we sorely need and want. I have been pleased with the creation of impact zones and special tact teams to address those districts that have high incidents of crime. It behooves us all to report crimes and disorderly behavior that is taking place in the public way. At every meeting or community gathering, I reiterate the TSA motto - if you see something, say something. I also have placards that can be seen throughout the ward that remind criminals and potential criminals that in the 7th Ward - we call police.

3. What, if any, city assets would you consider privatizing to raise money?

Public discussion is vital when the city proposes privatizing assets or services. We are elected to represent our residents and provide them services, not hand that job off to someone else.

4. Do you support or oppose the vote to increase the minimum wage in several steps to $13 an hour by 2019?

I absolutely support the increase in the minimum wage. I signed the initial bill for a $15 increase which led to the creation of task force to study the issue and figure out what would be most implementable in the City. While $13 will not be mandatory until 2013, the incremental raises in between will allow small business owners to adjust to this fare increase and allow minimum wage workers to have hopes for a better, more financially sound future.

5. Are you in favor of Chicago's Red Light Camera program?

I support the Administration looking at ways to make areas near schools and parks safer; however speed cameras should not be relied upon as a long-term revenue source. These devices are about changing behavior and once that happens, there is likely a decline in future projected revenues. I also think that proper notice should be given to residents when these cameras are installed, so they are aware of the consequences of their travel behavior, before they find themselves with one or more ticket(s), cannot pay the cost and fees, and are then subject to the wheel locking device (boot). When this happens many of the individuals who did not have the funds to pay the original ticket, often find themselves in precarious positions when it comes to commuting back and forth to work.

Natasha Holmes

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