6-year-old burned in water balloon fight

HOUSTON -- A water balloon fight ended with a young boy being taken to the hospital with second-degree burns. The incident happened last Wednesday near Rockrill Drive and Grovermill Drive in southwest Houston.

Landen Jenkins, age 6, said a neighborhood kid poured boiling hot water on his forehead. Eyewitness News visited with Landen and his mother LaShenna Amos Monday afternoon.

Landen is still recovering and is expected to see a plastic surgeon. He said the kids ran out of water balloons so they started throwing water on each other from plastic cups.

"Then someone came with a cup of hot water and they poured it on him (his older brother) first, but they poured it on my head after," said Landen. "They just came with a cup of water. It burned."

Landen quickly ran inside his home in pain.

"When my son came in, he was screaming. He was talking about his skin," said Amos. "I was like, 'What happened?'"

Amos rushed Landen to Texas Children's Hospital. She filed a police report and wants to press charges. She wants answers as to who did this to her son and why. She doesn't know if it was an accident.

A spokesperson with the Houston Police Department told ABC13 they are looking into the matter. They plan to assign an investigator shortly to the case. It will be treated as an assault.
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