Students at Galveston's Ball High create incredible lip dub video

GALVESTON, TX -- After sustaining a major student population loss following Hurricane Ike, Ball High students are showing that they, along with the rest of Galveston, are back in a big way.

The school, which was used as a FEMA shelter following Hurricane Ike, has recovered since then, and they commemorated the occasion with one of the largest and longest lip dub videos ever produced. Around 2,000 students and faculty danced and lip-synced their way through the school during the nearly 15 minute long video.

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As the only public high school in Galveston Independent School District, Ball High's student population was heavily impacted by Hurricane Ike. The third costliest Atlantic hurricane of all time forced many families out of the area.

Residents have made their way back over the years, and the school decided to celebrate by staging its first ever lip dub video. Nearly the entire student body made an appearance in the video which highlights all of the school's sports teams, clubs and academic departments.

PHOTOS: Ball High's lip dub video
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