8 inmates, 2 officers injured after Cook County Jail fight

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Two corrections officers and eight inmates were injured after a fight broke out at Cook County Jail on Tuesday.

Officials said there was a fight between a handful of inmates in Division 9-the maximum security part of the jail with a section that houses especially violent inmates.

ABC 7 was told eight inmates were involved in a fight and several of them were stabbed. One corrections officer was injured by a thrown food tray, while the second was injured during an altercation. None of their injuries were life-threatening.

Those injured were transported to the hospital, according to Chicago Fire Department spokesperson Larry Langford. Other inmates with minor injuries were treated on site at the jail.

None of the injuries are life threatening. All inmates are back in their cells and the situation is secure.

In the past, on big sporting events, the jail has had a problem with a large number of staff members calling in sick. Right now, there is no indication that was the case Tuesday night.

Officials said there is an ongoing investigation into the source of the fight as well as the weapons used.
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