Armored car loses $20,000 in Rhode Island mishap

PROVIDENCE, RI -- Investigators say $20,000 is missing from an armored truck and you won't believe how it disappeared.

Just before noon on Wednesday, a Brink's armored truck was pulling into the main entrance of the Rhode Island Hospital in Providence when the back door of the truck flew open.

VIDEO: Armored truck overturns, spilling bags of money

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Armored truck rolls over and spills money on RI highway

Three bags of money fell out, and the $20,000 in cash went flying in the air when a car hit two of the bags.

The crew tried to pick up as much of the cash as they could, but they still ended up with a five-figure loss.

People in the community say they are on the fence whether they would give the money back or keep it for themselves.

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Investigators are calling the armored car ambush an inside job, and they want to know if one of their own had anything to do with it