Army entices soldiers with huge re-enlistment bonuses

FORT BRAGG, North Carolina -- The United States Army is trying to reverse military downsizing that occurred under the Obama administration. Troop retention is a big issue at the Fort Bragg military base in Fayetteville.

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Units like the 82nd Airborne Division are deployed anywhere in the world, within 36 hours. While commanders are constantly encouraging their soldiers to re-up, as it's called.

If re-enlisted, select soldiers could receive a $50,000 to $90,000 re-enlistment bonus.

According to The Associated Press, soldiers with high-tech jobs such as cyber posts, cryptologist, intelligence, language skills and Special Forces, could get the large bonus, if they re-enlist for another three- to five-year contract.

Other soldiers in lower-level infantry posts may get nothing, or as much as $2,000.

The verdict is still out concerning whether troops think the added bonus is worth re-enlisting for. While speaking to many soldiers Tuesday, they were almost evenly split between yes and no.

Nationally, there has been a spike in re-enlistments because of the higher bonus.

So far there are no specific figures on just how many soldiers at Fort Bragg have re-signed.

Army officials say the bonus offer is good thru October 1.
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