Baby saved after mother fatally shot in 2016 dies

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Miracle Beard, a baby saved when mother was shot and killed in South Chicago in 2016, has died, according to her family.

Miracle's mother was 19-year-old Parasha Beard, who was shot and killed when she was 6 months pregnant in September 2016. Her boyfriend was also shot. He was a documented gang member, police said, and the intended target of the shooting.

Doctors were able to save Beard's unborn baby and her family named her Miracle. But they said the little girl, who was born three months premature, has contracted pneumonia in January and was put on life support.

Speaking shortly before 6 p.m., they said they were prepared to take her off life support Thursday evening.

The person who shot Parasha remains unknown.

"I don't have no justice, I don't have no peace. The only thing wrong with me right now is whoever who done this, please say something, 'cuz our baby has 20 minutes left. But it's ok because she's gonna be in a better place," said Crystal Jones, Miracle's grandmother.

The family said they struggled with the decision to take the 5 1/2-month-old off life support, but said they could no longer sit there and watch her suffer. null
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