Backhoe gets stuck over large sinkhole in Roseland

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A backhoe got stuck over a large sinkhole in the Roseland neighborhood on Chicago's Far South Side.

The Chicago Water Dept. said they were called to the area Wednesday afternoon for a sewer cave-in. The backhoe was attempting to temporarily cover a hole in 103rd St. with a metal plate when more of the street gave way.

The driver was able to exit the backhoe safely. Residents said they noticed the road had a problem weeks ago.

"I noticed a little dip in the street right here," says Cunard Buchanon. "At first it was a small dip, then throughout the first week it was spreading it a bit, getting a little bit wider like a bowl. Today, I'm driving my cousin to day camp, we drove over it, I'm like, this is gonna open up today."

On Wednesday night, a crane gently lifted the backhoe off the hole and revealed the problem - a broken sewer main. Water department officials said the sewer main is made out of brick and was built in 1898.

"We're targeting all of the old infrastructure, the old sewer mains, the old water mains and we're replacing them," said Dep. Cmsr. Dwayne Hightower, Dept. of Water Management.

The area will be investigated and permanent repairs will be made in the next few days, officials said.
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