Chicago groups make valentines for kids without fathers

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Valentine's Day isn't just a holiday for lovers. It can also be a great opportunity to show a total stranger that you care. That's the thought behind a one of a kind party this week where guests will be spreading love through words of encouragement.

Balloons, streamers and cards are all the making of a unique Valentine's Day party with a purpose.

"We wanted to bring the community together from all walks of life and allow them to give something to the community and receive it in a way that brings positivity and encouragement," Nathan Michael, founder of Low Res Studio, said.

The creative team at Chicago-based Low Res is busy preparing for Friday night's bash.

It's not a party centered on romance. Instead, volunteers will create Valentine's cards for kids without fathers.

Those cards filled with words of encouragement will be distributed by the non-profit Grip Outreach for Youth, an organization that provides mentors for young people across Chicago.

"I think it's a really cool way for creatives to say like hey, this is a way that we can get involved in a tangible way and encourage young people and I think on the flip side for the young people it's exciting to see and know that there is people out there that love me and care," Karale Williams, male mentorship coordinator at Grip Outreach, said.

"It feels great to step out from everything that's happening in the world and focus, the energy that we all have that love that we all have to be able to give it back to the people around us," Michael said.

"My hope is that anyone who receives one of these cards just feels for a moment in life that someone noticed them that someone cared for them and took the opportunity to encourage them so I hope that they feel loved and appreciated," he said.

The Valentine's Day party is free and open to the public but there are just a few volunteer slots available.

There is a 50's theme for the night including a photo booth and dancing.

It should be a fun time all with the purpose of helping to show love and encouragement to a total stranger.

For more information, visit the Low Res Studio Facebook page or the Grip Outreach for Youth website. null
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