Clerk traps would-be robbers inside store with security gate

PATERSON, N.J. -- A store clerk outsmarts armed robbers by trapping them inside with metal security gates in New Jersey.

People called 911, but the response wasn't quick so the thieves were able to break out and get away.

So what took police so long to get there?

There are several cameras inside the store, but that wasn't enough of a deterrent but a clever employee might be next time.

Two armed robbers were easily outsmarted by a store clerk in Paterson.

"I thought they were playing at first. One guy had a rag over his mouth and one guy came from the back and showed me the gun," said Tommy Torres, store employee.

Torres was working at the Boost Mobile store on 10th Avenue Wednesday afternoon when the men barged in demanding money and cell phones.

"They said, 'Where are the iPhones and the Galaxies?' I said, 'There are no iPhones or Galaxies, but whatever phone is on the wall you can take it,'" Torres said.

While the men looted the store, Torres took advantage and he snuck out the back door, locked it, and ran to the front of the business and pulled down the security gate!

A crowd gathered outside, some calling 911, others watching the show unfold, but most laughed and made fun of the men.

They were trapped in the store for more than 20 minutes before eventually finding a tool box to pry out, leaving everything behind.

Some question why it took so long for police to arrive, saying the hard part was already done.

The Paterson police director says Internal Affairs is looking into that response time.

They are trying to figure out if this was human error or maybe if the caller relayed the information improperly.
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