DA: Little League coach murdered after suspect's ID confiscated at club

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Six people have been arrested for the stabbing death of Frank Navarro, a beloved San Jose little league coach.

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Santos Trevino and Joseph Esquivel were arraigned Wednesday, both charged with Navarro's murder.

Two men and Percella Esquivel, who was arraigned Tuesday, were arrested late last week. Police say Andrew Cervantes turned himself in Wednesday. Robert Ruiz and Aaron Vallejo were captured shortly after the attack.

Angela Tirado spoke for the victim's family and friends who appeared in court Wednesday. "Justice needs to be served in this case," she said. "This is a senseless tragedy that did not need to occur."

Case documents unsealed Wednesday reveal that all six charged with murder have family ties. They say Santos Trevino is the one who stabbed the popular coach and president of a South Bay little league chapter.

Navarro was security manager at Tres Gringos nightclub in San Jose. He was stabbed to death in the early morning hours of Feb. 26 during an altercation shortly after one of his guards, according to prosecutors, caught Esquivel using Trevino's driver's license.

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They say the reason is that people with facial tattoos are not allowed in the club.

"So Joseph Esquivel, had a tattoo on his eye, covered it with makeup, and asked his brother Santos for his ID so he could get in," Santa Clara County District Attorney Lance Daugherty said.

Security realized it was not Esquivel's ID and confiscated it.

"Both Percella and Joseph threatened the security guard that he'd be sorry if they didn't return the ID," Daugherty told ABC7 News.

The district attorney's complaint says the two began making phone calls. Minutes later a car pulled up. The documents say the other four suspects got out and attacked the guards.

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The complaint says much of the violence was caught on security cameras, including shots of Trevino with a knife, but not the actual stabbing.
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