DA's office investigates calls to social services about mother in child murder case

MADERA COUNTY -- Attorneys say there were dozens of calls made to social services in the case of Amy Chavoya. Now, the Madera County District Attorney's Office wants to make sure all those alleged calls were properly handled.

"Some of them have been acted upon, some of them haven't been acted upon, that's what we want to determine through that ongoing investigation," said David Linn, Madera County District Attorney.

Chavoya has been charged with allegedly torturing and killing her adopted daughter Mariah in 2014, as well as torturing another one of Mariah's siblings.

Several weeks ago, four employees from the Department of Social Services, including the department's director who recently retired, were put on administrative leave.

Linn said they have determined at least 30 to 40 calls made to the department regarding the case.

"I don't want things to get out of hand like they did in Fresno County with the Seth Ireland case. I want to make sure we're on top of it."

We tried contacting the Department of Social Service, in a phone call the Assistant Director of Human Resources stated that it's a "pending investigation, and it's a personnel matter," but wouldn't comment any further.

Linn said no one is accused of anything yet; the investigation is just a matter of being proactive rather than reactive.

"We're just not going to tolerate it in Madera County. I believe I was elected to protect the citizens of this county and if those citizens are one -day-old or 100-years-old, I'm going to make sure they're protected."

The Madera County Sheriff's Office is also involved in the investigation and Linn said he is also asked the state auditor to help by going through the Department of Social Service's computer records.

Chavoya is due back in court next month. null
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