Deer in Streeterville garage, can't remember where it parked

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A deer was spotted in a parking garage at St. Clair and Grand on Monday morning. The deer was hiding behind cars on the basement level of the garage.

Animal Control and Chicago police were on the scene monitoring the animal and hoping it would calm down on its own.

But due to the cars moving around the lot and the sudden attention, the deer was unable to calm down.

Animal Control shot the deer with a tranquilizer gun two separate times. The deer finally started to calm down and laid on the ground. Animal Control gave the deer another tranquilizer dose before loading the animal into a vehicle.

Chicago police assisted Animal Control in carrying the deer out. The animal was later released into a nearby forest preserve

No one knows how the deer got there. It does not seem to have been injured, just sedated.

There's no word on whether the deer ever found its car, presumed to be a Chevy Impala, in the garage.

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