Engaged couple loses wedding ring, items in Coal City tornado

COAL CITY, Ill. (WLS) -- As the tornado bore down on Coal City, Jeanine Pierard huddled in a crawl space with her two kids, her dogs and her fiance.

"The pressure in the house was just horrible. I was covering my ears. I thought my ear drums were going to blow," Dave Hibbard said.

They all emerged unhurt, but the items for the couple's upcoming wedding are gone, including Jeanine's engagement ring.

"You always hope, like, one thing. Can you give me one thing? And it's gone," Pierard said.

Despite the devastation, there are signs of hope at Pierard's house. A speck of white peeks from an unstable closet - her wedding dress.

"There will be a wedding. Come hell or high water. I'm in hell. Bring on the high water, I guess," Pierard said.
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