Evanston police investigate claims ETHS security guard stole from student

EVANSTON, Ill. (WLS) -- Students are outraged after a series of thefts at Evanston Township High School, and what's worse is who they think might be stealing from them.

Some students believe the thefts might have been committed by a school staff member after one of the alleged incidents was captured on video.

An iPhone camera that was rolling inside a gym locker at the school appears to show a staff member rummaging through a student's belongings. That student, Richard Bahmandeji, says the man in the video is a school safety officer.

"So that prompted me and a couple of other students to start filming and that's when we got two different safety officers snooping in our lockers," Bahmandeji said.

Last week, the sophomore says money was taken from his gym locker, so he and few other students set up cameras in their lockers this week. They didn't expect to see this. The videos went up on social media, and now the whole school is talking about them.

"At first I was definitely taken back, just like everybody else was," said Alexandria Bolling, a freshman.

"I just thought it was some kids who had my lock combination. I got a new lock and it was still happening," Bahmandeji said.

A letter was sent home to parents about the video that read, in part: "ETHS is taking these allegations very seriously and we understand the concerns of students and families as we continue to gather information."

"The school was pretty supportive. They were glad I got the evidence that I did. They wanted to fix the issue," Bahmandeji said.

Evanston police continue to investigate and are asking other victims to come forward.
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