Ex-Ogden teacher accused of hiding camera in school bathroom

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Elliot Nott, a former teacher at Ogden International School on Chicago's Near North Side, is accused of placing a camera in a bathroom at the elementary school.

The 41-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after police identified him as the person who set up the motion-activated camera in the staff bathroom on the third floor of Ogden's east campus, police said. The device was discovered by a school employee on Sept. 7.

"The employee picked up the device and noticed a camera lens and a red blinking light on the object. This employee was able to turn off the device and gave it to school administrators," said Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Melissa Howlett.

Nott was removed from his responsibilities shortly after it was found.

Nott allegedly placed the camera under a sink with putty in a bathroom used by staff and one of his students.

"The images and videos include those of multiple members of school staff using the restroom on multiple occasions as well as one child who had special permission to use the bathroom," Howlett said.

Nott is married with children. His attorneys commented after his bond hearing Friday.

"Obviously these are serious allegations. We're aware of that but hopefully the public will remember that he is innocent until proven guilty," said Nott's attorney Mark Basile.

Principal Michael Beyer told parents no were images were transmitted from the camera. He also said security swept the entire building and no other devices were discovered.

Nott, of the 4800-block of North Spaulding Avenue, was charged with one count of child pornography and seven counts of unauthorized videotaping, all felonies. A Cook County judge set his bond at $75,000.

News of the charges filed against the popular music teacher came as a shock to Ogden parents.

"I think it's very unfortunate. It's somebody that the kids all really liked and looked up to and it was a big shock and a big disappointment," said parent Stacy Ortega.

"We just want to make sure that the school is transparent and gives us as much information as they're able to as quickly as possible so we can ensure that all the kids were safe while they were at school," said parent Paul Kogul.

The principal sent out an email regarding the issue, saying in part, "Please be assured that CPD has been in contact with all of the individuals who have been impacted by this incident and those individuals have been made aware. It is imperative that their privacy be respected and honored."
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