FBI conducts 'active criminal investigation' in Bridgeview

BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. (WLS) -- Southwest suburban Bridgeview was calm late Wednesday morning after a chaotic night. A mosque was put on lockdown while dozens of officers searched for suspects.

The FBI said it is leading an active criminal investigation and that the search is over. Two men were nabbed in the bushes of a quiet suburban neighborhood. They are not looking for a third suspect, as earlier reported.

Yousif Mansour was still in shock over the takedown of a suspect Tuesday night, right outside his bedroom window.

"I was looking out the window. I see the guy on the ground, a lot of police, literally tackling like a whole football team like going after one person," Mansour said.

Mansour knew his neighborhood was the focus of a massive police response as the FBI and other law enforcement agencies scoured the area near 95th Street and Harlem Avenue for two men. An eyewitness recorded video of one of them being taken into custody.

"He looked like he was shocked, like he didn't do anything. He was acting like it was sarcastically, 'Well it wasn't me,'" Mansour said.

The manhunt began at around 9 p.m. Tuesday.

The suspects took police on a chase, abandoning a minivan on a ramp near Harlem and I-294. Then they ran into the neighborhood, as thousands of worshipers were at the Mosque Foundation of Bridgeview in the 7300-block of West 93rd Street for an event and evening prayer.

"The police told us that there are armed people, at least one of them has an automatic rifle," said Oussama Jammal, president of the Mosque Foundation.

After about four hours, people were allowed to leave once police made sure the suspects weren't hiding in a car or blending in with the crowd.

"There was no panic. Our imam was able to talk with the people, explain to them the situation. They were very patient. They were very cooperative," Jammal said.

A spokesperson for the FBI said the search did not stem from a bank robbery, as early reports indicated.

The FBI also said they won't comment as to why these men were wanted.
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