Gage Park tire slasher caught on camera

An ABC 7 Eyewitness News Exclusive
CHICAGO (WLS) -- After being victimized one time, a Gage Park man installed a security camera to catch whoever was slashing his tires - and succeeded.

It takes just a few seconds. A man leans down and slashes one tire before circling around to the other side of the vehicle and cutting into the other rear tire. You see the minivan lower as the tire loses air. And then the man runs away to a nearby alley.

"He does it very quick and easy. He didn't cover his face, so it means he doesn't care," said Gerardo Vega.

Vega doesn't know why his van was targeted early Tuesday morning, but he knows of two other vehicles not too far from his that were also slashed during the same overnight hours.

Could it be the work of the same man?

"I hope our police department pays attention to this case and helps us. Really, we need their help," he said.

Vega's tires were slashed for the first time a few weeks ago. After that incident, he installed the surveillance camera.
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