Gators spotted in Missouri City not a threat, experts say

MISSOURI CITY, TX -- You could see the alligator from the grass -- it was popping its head up near the water fountain in this Missouri City pond.

"Oh, it's pretty big, around six feet...nice size gator," said fisherman Kyle Irvin.

Just hours before, the alligator was fully out of the water and lounging on the grass in the warm sun.

"I'd be running the opposite direction for sure," recalled onlooker Heidi Ettema.

On Tuesday night, people who live near the pond where gators had been spotted became concerned and snapped pictures of the animal.

Chris from Gator Squad, a company that checks on gators and removes them when needed, came with ABC13 to figure out if the gator is a threat.

"He's doing everything you expect of it. When you get too close, he gets in the water. He's keeping his distance from us," Chris assessed.

He also said if the gator is not curious about you, if it is not following anyone, then it is not a threat.

"They're probably just as scared as us, as we are of them," Irvin added.

Abnormally warmer temperatures are pulling the gators from the cold water, so they can warm up and eventually fulfill a purpose.

"Number one reason you wanna keep these guys around: they eat water moccasins. Dozens of them a year," said Chris.

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