Grandma-to-be dies in stabbing-hammer attack as pregnant daughter tries to help

PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia police are searching for the suspect who murdered a woman by stabbing her and hitting her with a hammer.

The attack began around 7 a.m. Wednesday along the 5500 block of North Hill Creek Drive in Crescentville.

Police say the 57-year-old grandmother-to-be was found dead after being hit over the head with a hammer and stabbed in the neck multiple times.

Neighbor AJ Wright said he heard the screams of the victim's pregnant daughter.

"I hear her daughter run out crying, screaming, 'he's trying to kill my mom," neighbor AJ Wright said.

Wright said she desperately pleaded with him to go inside the home and stop the deadly attack. In his attempt to do just that, he came face to face with the killer.

"When I go to the door, the guy slams the door in my face. Boom. And so now, I'm trying to get in the house. And she says, 'AJ, please, he's trying to kill my mom right now," Wright said.

Wright says the suspect hit the daughter in the face with a vacuum cleaner and her mother was covered in blood.

"It was just terrifying," Wright said.

Wright tells Action News he banged on the locked door repeatedly as he heard the violent attack continue on the other side. He heard a vase shatter and things suddenly fell silent.

"He jumped out of the window and ran across the grass to his family's house, I guess. When he got inside of the house, he locked both of the doors and jumped out of another window," Wright said.

Dozens of neighbors were in tears and consoled each other as they processed the tragic and stunning news.

Many described the victim as a well-known face in the community who was excited about becoming a grandmother next month.

"She was sweet as pie. She used to look out for me, I get sick a lot. I would sit out along the curb and she would come out and say, 'do you want me to help you home?' neighbor Diane Shuler said.

"I just hope he turns himself in and does something positive because this isn't right. She doesn't do nothing to nobody," Wright said.

The pregnant daughter was taken to the hospital and is expected to be OK.

The suspect remains on the loose. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.
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