I-Team obtains 911 calls from Kalamazoo shooting spree

KALAMAZOO, Mich (WLS) -- The I-Team has obtained a recording of the first 911 call about the spree killer in Kalamazoo - the Uber driver whose terrifying series of shootings last month in southwestern Michigan left six dead.

Uber driver Jason Dalton was picking up fares in between random shootings of innocent people, according to Kalamazoo detectives.

One of his passengers called 911 after getting out of Dalton's car and told police I'd "like to report a crazy driver."

He'd just had the Uber ride of his life.

"I just got an Uber to my friend's house and uh, on the way there he was driving erratic down West Main, he hit a car, he drove through the woods... I finally just jumped out."

He was among the lucky.

"I was like, this is my destination! This is my destination! So I got out of the car and it was a block from where my actual destination was, but I had to get out of the car, 'cause I was scared. He was driving 50, 60 mph, he hit a car."

During that same time period, eight people were shot by Dalton, according to police, six of them killed.

"County emergency."
"Yes, hello, I need an ambulance please at () please hurry up, somebody's shot, fired shots."

Calls answered at Kalamazoo's 911 center from panicked passers-by reveal an unfolding horror.

"Please don't move, please don't move, they're coming, we got your kids, please don't move, stay there."

"911 where's your emergency?"
"...we just passed somebody shooting a gun and two people lying on the ground."

Victims scattered as the gunman drove across Kalamazoo.

"OK can I get an ambulance? To this..."
"Yes - get an ambulance. Get an ambulance. Are they breathing?"
"Um, one is not. Are you guys all OK?"

"So do you see ah who the person was that was shooting?"
"No. I just turned because we heard gunshots and there was a man pointing a gun at two people lying on the ground... we could see the smoke from his gun and hear it as we drove by."

One caller even had a name.

"I have his name from Uber, his name is Jason, the confirmation email they sent me back."

In his Uber car, Dalton was arrested by police nearly five hours after the spree began.

The 45-year-old Dalton currently undergoing psych exams to determine whether he is mentally competent to stand trial. He's facing 16 felony counts.
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