Increased security in Wrigleyville after recent attacks

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There were increased patrols on Chicago's north side on Saturday after a carjacking and sexual assault happened on Thursday.

Police and private security companies are now working to keep people safe.

St. Patrick's Day celebrations. It's always a busy time for police in Chicago's 19th district, who spent a good chunk of their day patrolling the area on foot making sure the festivities don't get too out of control.

This year, however, they're also looking out for something else, too.

Police continued to search for the man who sexually assaulted a woman at gunpoint, locked her into the trunk of her own vehicle and drove away with her. He later crashed into a tree on the far south side and abandoned the car with the woman still inside. The assault and carjacking took place not two blocks from Wrigley Field.

Investigators said surveillance video in the area is being searched for any possible leads.

"Not likely he drove up here if he drove away with the victim's car. The fact that he headed south leads us to believe he probably used the red line," said 19th district police Cmdr. Marc Buslik.

While police don't believe the man will come back to the neighborhood, they're not taking any chances. They have increased the number of street patrols, especially around the "L."

"We're increasing it. Number one to let everyone know, we want them feeling safe. But really the purpose is to try to spot the possible suspect," said Cmdr. Buslik.

The East Lakeview Chamber of Commerce launched their own private security force to help patrol the neighborhood's commercial areas on Saturday. Comprised of mostly off-duty police or private security officers, they worked in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department, allowing police to focus their efforts where there are needed the most.

"Most officers get deployed to higher crime neighborhoods and Lakeview isn't a higher crime neighborhood, so when instances like what happened in the last few days happens we have to be well prepared so we can combat this before it happens again," said Maureen Martino with the East Lakeview Chamber of Commerce.
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