Indiana mother talks about killing her children in jailhouse interview

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Amber Pasztor, the mother charged with murder in the deaths of her two children, admitted in a jailhouse interview that she smothered the 6- and 7-year-olds to death. (WLS)

Amber Pasztor spoke for the first time from jail with a reporter from WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, Ind., and admitted she smothered her own children to death.

Pasztor said she wanted to keep her children safe and usher them to heaven.

She faces two charges of murder in Elhkart County for the deaths of 6-year-old Rene Pasztor and 7-year-old Liliana Hernandez. Pasztor spoke with reporter Brett Thomas via videoconference from jail.

Brett Thomas: "Who did you smother first?"
Amber Pasztor: "My daughter."
Thomas: "Then Rene?"
Pasztor: "Yeah, he wanted to go with her."
Thomas: "Really?"
Pasztor: "I gave him a choice."
Thomas: "What'd you say to them?"
Pasztor: "That they can live traumatized like their mom, or they can go to Heaven and with God and be better off."
Thomas: "And they chose to go to Heaven?"
Pasztor: "Yes."
Thomas: "What did they say? Did they say they want to go to Heaven, or did they just agree?"
Pasztor: "My daughter said she would kill herself first before somebody hurt her."
Thomas: "So you put your hands over their mouths, did they fight you at all?"
Pasztor: "A little bit, yeah."

Pasztor also said she killed a neighbor who she went camping with. She has not yet been charged in that case.
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