Jefferson Park home burglary caught on security camera

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Security cameras captured three men burglarizing a home early Thursday in the Jefferson Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

The victim said she believes the suspects may have been watching her and her family, learning their habits in order to know the best time to break into her home.

"I feel scared. I am still nervous now," Uyen Dao said.

Dao was at work when her security camera captured video of a group of men breaking into her home in the afternoon.

"One guy just came in to the front and knock the door and keep ringing the bell and on one answer, and he called for three guys to come to the back, broke the fence," she said.

Dao believes the suspect at the front door was a lookout to see if anyone was home. Once no one answered the door, the other suspects made their move.

Dao said they broke her back window screen and got in by opening the window to get access to the back door. The suspects captured on surveillance video appeared to be three white men between the ages of 20 and 30.

"They took money, they took jewelry and some devices," Dao said.

Dao didn't know the burglary happened until she came home late that night to find her security cameras had been tampered with.

"I thought someone hit the camera by accident, but when I opened the back door and saw all the mess, I was shocked!" she said.

Dao's two children were not home at the time of the burglary. Now, she said, she plans to amp up security around her home, adding more cameras and an alarm system to make sure this doesn't happen again.
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