Land owner where Indiana girls' bodies were found jailed for traffic violations

DELPHI, Ind. (WLS) -- Ronald Logan, the owner of the Delphi, Ind., land where the bodies of Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13, were found pleaded guilty to a felony charge of being a habitual traffic violator Monday.

Logan admitted to driving on a suspended license and drinking alcohol, violations of his probation. Prosecutors also said the 77-year-old drove to a dump the same day that German and Williams disappeared.

Logan spoke to reporters after the girls' bodies were found on his property.

"It's been violated horribly. Your home being your sanctuary. I don't feel that way about it anymore. It's very concerning," he said at the time.

Logan is not considered a suspect in the girls' murders, and investigators have used two clues to try to dig up leads. One is a photo snapped by one of the girls which shows a man walking on a bridge. The second is chilling audio recorded on German's cell phone of a man's voice saying, "Down the hill."

Prosecutors did not reveal the time of day Logan went to that dump. Residents can drop trash and recyclables there.

Indiana State Police are still waiting on the processing of items that were seized from his home during the initial search of his home and property. It's been more than six weeks since the girls' bodies were found.
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