Laquan McDonald video stirs shock, anger at Englewood barbershop

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago residents are talking about the disturbing images from that video of Laquan McDonald's killing, especially in one neighborhood that's seen its share of violence.

Powell's Barber Shop at 63rd and Racine bills itself as "the Heart of Englewood". At the barbershop featured in the Spike Lee film "Chi-Raq", there is shock and anger.

"Unbelievable. I couldn't believe it. Don't nobody deserve," said Derrill Miller, barber.

"Just shot him in the street like a dog. It's heartbreaking, man, because that could have been my son, could have been me could have been anyone of us," said Tramal Busch, a customer.

"His intention was to kill this man because obviously the man went down on the first or second shot and you continue to shoot? That's hatred, man," said Cleo Scott, a customer.

Many also express concern about why it took so long to release the video.

"And you've got the cops with this code of silence. Taking care of each other. You trying to let somebody go a whole year and finally you're going to do something about it when the tape comes out," said Roy Hughes, customer.

"They thought they were going to get away with it and it wasn't going to come out. That money was going to suppress all the information," said Sunni Ali Powell, owner.

As for what's next for people in the streets of Chicago?

"They want to take it out on someone, but hopefully we can put this negative energy to something positive, like voting," said Martez Knox, customer.

"There's got to be a better way, got to be a better way. The killing has to stop," Miller said.

The men who spoke to ABC7 said one of the keys to keeping the peace is to let everyone be heard, in genuine, respectful communication - not resorting to an "us against them" mentality - especially in the coming days.
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